Dan Remon

Founder, CrossFit Coach

“We established the first CrossFit Affiliate in Bangkok back in 2012. The strong community and team dynamics made it a natural extension of the programs we were already offering and the community we had built.

We have a developed a unique dimension to CrossFit for our clients with an absolute priority on mechanics and intelligent programs designed specifically for our clientele and to ensure CrossFit stays INCLUSIVE.

I’m inspired by every CrossFitter I meet, regardless of age, nationality or experience, to move out of their comfort zone and break through physical barriers and mental limitations. Helping all athletes work on their weaknesses and develop a well-rounded approach to fitness. I love to drop-in to boxes all around the world and continue to learn, share and be a part of the CrossFit Community.”

Leah Ranft

CrossFit Coach

“Leah is an experienced fitness professional and CrossFit Coach. A CF-L1 and ACE certified with 7 years experience in the US and Hawaii. Her passion for CrossFit, and empowering clients to achieve their ultimate lifestyle brings out her passion to coach, mentor and advise those she teaches.

A strong focus on Gymnastics and ‘Big lifts’, Leah loves to push herself to new levels of performance.“


Golf Wiriyakijja

CrossFit Coach

“As a coach, I believe that mechanics come first. Focusing on techniques and basics together is the key to develop your athleticism.

Golf met CrossFit at the end of December 2013 and started off since then. Golf achieved his CF-L1 in Jan 2015 and never looked back! Always learning, and applying new methods. CrossFit is an inspiring community, helps me to always set new goals or a new challenge every day.“

Ten Pornpinyotavee

 CrossFit Coach

“CrossFit is intense yet functional with a heavy emphasis on mechanics. It is rarely possible to train hard without proper mechanics and progressions. CrossFit makes me so obsessed about mechanics!

What I love about CrossFit is that it ensures the most general fitness and comparing your workout score against standard protocols is a healthy, fun competition. As a coach, I love studying movements and how I can improve dysfunctional movements. This helps to make better athletes, performer better and stay injury free.”

Lhong Num

 CrossFit Coach

“CrossFit Level 1 coach with more than 10 years experience in the industry. “I love to learn new techniques to help me and my clients pursue new levels of performance, health and fitness.

I love to work with everyone, beginners, and elite athletes. Even elite can learn from one another, share experience and help to improve all areas, especially mobility.”

Tlahui Calva

 CrossFit Coach

“In additional to being a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Tlahui (Tlawee), is our Mexican Mobility specialist :). Tlahui has explored all areas of health and performance from his own research and developed his own method for enhancing performance through mobility. Hailed the ‘Calva Method’, is revolutionizing movement, reducing pain, increasing performance.

Tlahui runs Movement sessions and programs for beginners and elite athletes.”

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