How do I start with CrossFit BK(CFBK), Bangkok Thailand? Unless you are coming from another CrossFit affiliate with enough experience, we need you to participate in our CrossFit Foundations classes or sign up for a private “CrossFit On-Ramp” program. All of our new athletes go through the same process to fully understanding CrossFit and to see what we do at CrossFit BK.


In order to graduate from CFF/On Ramp we require both a written and a practical test to be completed. Talk to our coaches to find out more about where, when and how of our CFBK graduation test.


What is CrossFit Foundations? The purpose of CrossFit Foundations (CFF) at CFBK is to practice and to be exposed to different movements commonly seen in a WOD and to increase the understanding of the global fitness community by explaining the values and philosophy that CrossFit is founded upon.


The goal of CFF is to adequately prepare each participant for success in the group class environment at CFBK. Upon passing our CFF graduation test (theoretical and practical), you will have more confidence and an increased understanding, body awareness and excitement to enter CrossFit at CFBK and join our inspiring, passionate and result driven CrossFit community in Bangkok! ‘On-Ramp Program’ is the way to get moving with CrossFit BK(CFBK), Bangkok Thailand CrossFit is so effective that it has been adopted as the main training program for many enforcement agencies, military organizations and other various departments that require their staff to be physically active and fit.


Although CrossFit is a relatively competitive sport, it focuses on developing a strong sense of “community” among its like minded members. On-Ramp is an introductory program. It covers approximately 30 of the fundamental movements that we use in our training. It starts with the best practices of a squat and advances athletes all the way up to Olympic lifts like snatch and the clean and jerk. On-Ramp allows us to get a better understanding of who you are and where your abilities lie.


Whether deconditioned or an avid fitness buff, the On Ramp Program introduces CrossFit’s sequences and techniques ramping you up so you are prepare for daily classes. Just as importantly, it allows you to meet people who are at the same starting point and make new friends. It is this community that drives CrossFit BK(CFBK), Bangkok Thailand and Aspire.


Other frequently asked questions:

Who is CrossFit for? Is CrossFit for me Do I need to be fit for CrossFit? How often should I come to CrossFit? Will I get ‘big’ by doing CrossFit?

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