Sign Up For Your WOD: Use our online sign-up service or call us at 080 188 4114. Surprise show ups get 20 free burpees!

Be Early: Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the WOD ahead

No latecomers: 5 burpees added to your WOD for every minute late. No joining after Warm Up is finished

Listen To The Coach: We’re here for you.

Respect The Equipment: It’ll last longer to make you stronger

Clean Up: Don’t just put it down, put it away. 1 burpee added to your WOD per KG of equipment left out.

Leave Your Ego At The Door: And save it for the “Games”

Always Welcome Newcomers: Strength in community

Use Scaling: Scaling isn’t a sign of weakness it’s a sign of a smart athlete

If You Lose Count The Next Rep Is “One”: When in doubt, round your reps down and your times up