Tuesday, 13 May14

Tuesday, 13 May14

Push Press – 3×5 @ 100% OHP 3 RM weight (add 1 kg if successful last time)

3×10 KB, single arm bent over rows

Max broad jump (5 attempts)

Complete 5 rounds (10 min total) of:
EMOM a) 5 Push press (@90% of Overhead Press 5RM)
EMOM b) 3 Weighted chin-ups (NOT pull-ups, use supinated grip!) (as heavy as possible to complete 3 reps, change weight after sets if needed)
…Then rest 1 min (after completed EMOM above) ann complete:
2 min AMRAP burpee pullups
Score=burpee pullups

Notes: The goal if this WOD is to build upperbody strength and to challenge yourself in the pullups. Going unbroken is not necessarily the best