Friday, 14 February 14

Friday, 14 February 14


Double under EMOM (unscored):
5 rounds
– 40 sec ME Double unders (or struggle unders/singles)
– 20 sec rest
Goal: try to increase/match reps for every round


“First Date”
Can be done Chip-away (broken up as needed)
Complete following with a partner (coach might need to join this one if numbers are uneven!):
– 100 (100 reps total, not 100 each) pullups (male assisting female if needed, or use bands)
– 100 (100 reps each while holding hands) Partner, single arm KB swings (20/16) (standing side by side, holding hands with “”free”” hand)
– 100 (100 reps each) partner facing, jump and high-five burpees
– 100 partner sit-ups (100 reps each) (facing each other, locking feet together and high five at the top)
For time (allow for 25 min time cap)

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