Tuesday, 4 February 14

Tuesday, 4 February 14

Mobility: Hips, shoulders, wrists


“Clean EMOM:
5 rounds (set the walltimer on count down 5 min)
Pick a weight that you can handle and then perform:
– 5 deadlifts
– 5 hang power cleans
Goal: chosing correct weight and maintain good form with the deadlifts to work on cleans from the floor in the future


(E2MOM: 3-3-3-3-3)
mobilize shoulders in between sets”


10 min ascending ladder:
2 Ring pushups
1 L-pullups
then 2/4,3/6,4/8,5/10…etc
Score=total REPS, not rounds”


Round 1=2 reps
Round 2=6 reps
Round 3=12 reps
Round 4=20 reps
Round 5=30 reps
Round 6=42 reps
Round 7=56 reps
Round 8=72 reps
Round 9=90 reps
Round 10=110 reps

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