Wednesday, 25 December 13

Wednesday, 25 December 13


“Oly lifting
– Clean”


“2 Part WOD. Run both with a rest.
15,12,9,6,3 Reps of: (Cut off 8 Minutes.)
Heavy Shoulder to Overhead 48/38
Ring Dips
8 min cutoff
Score = Total time (or reps)
Rest 2 Minutes after last finish. (8 minute cutoff + 2 min)
Then 10 RFT
7 Ball Slams (40/30)
5 Toes to Bar
10 min cutoff
Score = Total time of both WOD’s combined or Total Reps completed for both WOD’s (if time runs out)”


Good strengh with Power Clean… The WOD itself is a good combunation…. i had increaed the number of rep on Shoulder to OH and the rounds on the second part due to a few people get it done to fast… under 8 mins

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