Thursday, 3 October 13

Thursday, 3 October 13

Strength: 6, PC


2 Rds, 45 seconds of:
Band deep squat capsule mobilizer.
Band Lat Stretch Right
Band Lat Stretch Left


2 Sets of the following:

2:30 minutes:
12 pull ups. (Strictest possible. No Kipping.)
ME Push ups, Hand release.
Rest 30
2:30 12 Toes to Bar (Kipping ok.)
ME Nurpees
Rest 30
2:30 12 Box Jumps (H/M)
ME Bodyweight Squats
Rest 30

(After you run every station once, go right in and run them again.)

Score = total max effort reps (Push Ups, Nurpees, Bodyweight Squats)


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